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Print Media Marketing

As part of our comprehensive marketing approach, we utilise print media to reach a wide audience and showcase our clients’ offerings. We will create engaging and visually appealing leaflets and other formats of print media materials.

Our aim is to highlight your selected project and provide information that would tempt potential buyers or investor to make contact in regards to your projects/s. To ensure maximum exposure we employ various distribution methods, we understand the importance of targeting towns and cities with a high concentration of Pakistani residents, and as such we will be implementing door to door distribution and static distribution at high footfall shopping areas frequented by majority of the Pakistani residence.

In addition to our design, print and distribution services, we have established contracts with Masajid’s mainly used by the Pakistani congregation to print their prayer timetables. These timetables will not only serve as a valuable resource for the worshippers but also feature our clients’ logos and company information.

The Masajid’s will distribute these among their congregation, ensuring that our clients’ promotional information reach a targeted and engaged audience. Through our strategic print media advertising approach, we ensure that Pakistan’s real estate companies and property developers achieve widespread visibility and exposure.

By reaching out to potential customers through targeted distribution channels, we help our clients connect with the right audience and increase their chances of attracting interested buyers and investors. Furthermore, We have we have partnered with many Pakistani retail businesses and supermarkets, by not only supplying flyers for distribution, we will also be displaying PVC banners and pop up banners within these partnered retail premises. Especially those retail stores located in cities and towns with a large Pakistani populated.





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